Announcing the Partner With Peter winner – Charlice Noble-Jones!

Charlice Noble-Jones has been announced as our winner of the “Partner With Peter – Win a Snap Fitness Franchise” contest!

Watch the Albany newscast here:

Charlice, who is from Albany, Georgia has spent the past months working hard to get in shape – which was the inspiration for her wanting to enter our contest. Her philosophy is “What can I do today to impact others?” and by this motto, she’s living her life with purpose and currently in a career that matters to people – specifically, the 4th grade children she teaches at Lamar Reese Magnet School. Growing up in “Small Business USA” with parents who were entrepreneurs, Charlice has always been driven to succeed.

Her belief that “Everything happens for a reason” had brought her to this contest, and now I’m so proud and honored to be able to give her a Snap Fitness franchise, which I know will be incredibly successful, given all the hard-working qualities she possesses.

Congratulations to Charlice – and thanks to all of our entrants!

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