My travels to Africa

On my recent trip to Africa, I saw all the beautiful sights and sounds of the country – including some amazing wildlife.

Giraffe Africa

It is amazing how close you’re able to get to the Lions –

as long as you don’t get out of the vehicle!

African LionsBut the highlight and most important part of my trip was when I spent some time with the Masai Village People.They are nomads- as in, they move around and live off the land in that area.

photo2I have always felt that those who have been fortunate in life should always try to “Pay It Forward” – and bringing some clothing items to these people and seeing their smiling faces gave me great joy. They are a strong and admirable group of people.

photoIt was an amazing experience to meet and speak with them, and I hope that they enjoyed the experience as much as I did. I encourage you all to “Pay It Forward” – to bring the success and happiness you’ve experienced as an entrepreneur to as many others as you can!


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